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Case Management

What is Case Management?

A case manager undertakes the assessment, monitoring, planning and advocacy for a client – connecting them with rehabilitation and support services, to help manage their illness and prevent relapse. Our goal is for our case managers to help our clients achieve wellness and autonomy.

How Will a Case Manager Help Me?

Case management is a collaborative process and utilizes expertise from various health care professions (such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing and nutrition) to generate a plan of care which will help clients navigate their health and/or cognitive challenges. By coordinating and streamlining the client’s plan of care, case management can alleviates the client’s family of the time and stress associated with juggling multiple plans and disciplines and can ultimately save their time and resources.

Services Provided

The most commonly requested staffing option is the generalist case manager, where one professional carries out a complete set of tasks from the initial intake through service coordination and monitoring with supervision and authority. The client has one practitioner to relate to and that individual has knowledge of all the components of the care plan.

Other services provided include:-

Scheduling home repairs and other services

Managing contractors and other service providers

Family and social support assessment

Regular health assessments by medical providers

Development and management of the care plan

How is a Case Manager Paid?

The Case Manager is usually not reimbursed by MediCare so the method of payment is often private pay. Some long-term care or other insurance policies do cover this cost – please check your policy for clarification. If you have insurance coverage we can work with your insurance on payment. Cost will vary depending on the individual needs of each client.